Body Armour




_DSC5794The SEAL vest is an integration of a tactical ballistic vest and a fully functional flotation vest. The SEAL vest is the only vest on the market that is designed with 275 NM of flotation, allowing the wearer to keep all important weapons, ammunition and tactical equipment in tact. The SEAL vest features:

• MOLLE webbing on front, back and sides
• 275 NM Buoyancy
• Rifle Plate

The SEAL vest is made using water resistant materials and the hard and soft armour are nearly neutral buoyant. This vest is ideal for boat crews an waterborne units.






Tactical Vest

_DSC5782The Tactical vest is a top range ballistic vest. This vest is designed to accommodate equipment and ammunition while offering maximum protection and minimal weight. The Tactical vest features:

• MOLLE webbing on front, back and sides
• Collar, groin and arm protection
• Large Rifle Plate

Tactical vests feature a higher spec soft armour panel for enhanced mobility and superior ballistic, fragmentation and trauma protection. SWAT and SF units will find this vest suitable to their requirements.







Uniform Vest

UV_01The Uniform vest is an overt vest, it is worn on top of a uniform. Overt vests are suitable when wearing field uniforms and can be tailored with insignia or badges. Uniform vests offer the following advantages:

• High coverage area
• Can accept rifle plates
• Rapid doffing and donning

Uniform vests offer more coverage than covert vests, they can also be upgraded with groin, collar and upper arm protection. These vests are ideal for Field Force units and officers conducting roadblocks.







Covert Vest

CV-01Covert vests are standard issue for many police forces throughout the world. The vest is designed to be worn under a shirt, jacket or other garment. Covert vests are a good choice if one wishes to:

• Preserve Uniform Dress Code.
• Conceal Armour Capability.
• Maintain Patrol Belt Order.

Generally covert vests are lighter and more cost effective than ‘overt’ vest types as the garment is lighter and less complicated to manufacture. These vest types also provide a tactical advantage in critical situations providing an officer with an ‘unknown’ advantage against aggressors.