8M RIB Hull Plug
We carefully craft the best plugs (also known as patterns, or prototypes) in the industry. Our workers have years of experience in fabrication, fairing and finishing and we have built plugs for some of the most respected names in the commercial, defense and leisure marine industries. We use what we like to think of as appropriate technology, blending old world skills with thoroughly modern processes, including CAD design and laser and CNC router cutting. When the situation requires it, we can arrange for and supervise the milling of plugs with a 5-axis CNC milling machine based in nearby Batam Island, Indonesia, or from an associate company operating in mainland China.



Our moulds are built to last. We exclusively use non-shrink tooling resins and professionally engineered laminate schedules with materials selected for rigidity and strength. We have extensive experience in producing high quality composite mold tooling for the full spectrum of composite manufacturing techniques.



Vacuum Infusion

The Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) is used to manufacture fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) parts – the process is particularly suitable for making large composite structures such as boats and vehicles. Dry materials are stacked onto the mold surface and a thin plastic vacuum bag is sealed around the part perimeter.
A vacuum pump is used to evacuate the air and apply atmospheric pressure to consolidate the dry materials and create a “vacuum cavity”.




Resin Transfer Moulding

We also are experts in RTM technology having built thousands of OEM parts on time and on budget. Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM) is a relatively inexpensive version of composite manufacturing technology which is used to mass produce dimensionally accurate composite parts.


Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press
We have decades of experience using this tried and tested manufacturing process to produce composite sporting goods and armour solutions. Our high-pressure, high temperature hydraulic presses allow us to manufacture products with demanding physical properties, such as combat helmets. The best pre-pregs of Kevlar and carbon along with carefully monitored pressures and temperatures ensure dimensionally perfect parts with excellent stability.


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