OEM Parts Manufacture


We are well known in the composites industry for manufacturing components for other companies who do not have either the expertise, or resources, to meet their own needs. We are currently manufacturing for some of the best names in commercial and leisure marine craft.

Assembly & Finishing

Exploded view FCS 1905 Superstructure

As the manufacturer of parts for our customers, we are uniquely positioned to manage complex assemblies saving time and money. From conceptualization to procurement and production, right up to logistics and through-life support, we cater to all your different needsĀ and stringent standards.


Almost all of the parts we manufacture at Brazen are made with the latest thinking in infusion technology. Top of the line gelcoats, the best print-thru blockers, sophisticated engineered fabrics and high quality vinylester and epoxy resinsĀ ensure dimensionally perfect parts with excellent stability.