The word “BRAZEN” evokes a feeling that the company, it’s people, its products and ultimately its customers are perceived to be:

Bold, Courageous, Audacious, Defiant, Brave, Fearless

Garment Production

s_130404.BRA.004Apart from manufacturing structural composite products, we also manufacture ballistic protection products, and fire protection garments.
Utilizing both our own expertise and the resources of our partners to manufacture a wide range of high quality products that are sold worldwide under the BRAZEN brand and also the brands of our international clients.


Soft and Hard Armour

We have developed a range of soft armour solutions that defeat small arms ammunition, ballistic fragments, and knife attack. Several types of Aramid and Polyethylene fibers are processed with various weaving, laminating, and stitching techniques to suit the customers’ performance criteria and price constraints. A variety of hard armour products are manufactured using a combination of ceramics and composite materials to defeat high velocity small arms ammunition including armor piercing rounds.


Torso Plates

We work closely with all of our customers to evaluate the potential threats in order to offer the most appropriate solution within the budget. Whilst a simple vacuum process is employed to make low end Torso Plates, high tonnage hydraulic presses and high pressure autoclaves are needed to produce light weight, high end solutions.


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